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Analytics, Automation & OpEx

Analytics Solutions

Strong Application & Implementation Experience in:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Qlikview
  • Qliksense
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL Server (SSAS)

That i can leverage to provide the best suited, and financially viable analytical solution.

Process Automation

I have over 17 years of total experience with 8+ years into core system development, where i was instrumental in developing cross functional applications in a variety of technology that spanned from UNIX , COBOL to VB. In addition, I am certified in UiPath which is an industry leader in RPA and have demonstrated capability in using the tool with my prior engagements.


Operational Excellence

With 8+ years of Lean Implementation experience coupled with a flair to automate using readily available technology like VBA, simple process automations that are quick wins to the organization can be completed quickly there by providing a fast ROI. I have helped organizations reduce waste, eliminate employee burnout, improve time to market and realize their objectives.

Capacity Management

I am certified with ActiveOps  Рan industry leader when it comes to capacity management and forecasting, I am well versed with the AOM methodology of capacity management, and try and leverage it whereever possible. The methodology puts the team leaders in the driving seat to drive their team productivity and helps in keeping individuals accountable for their productivity.

Education is a wasteful process unless knowledge is transformed into wisdom and wisdom is expressed in character.

– Sri Satya Sai Baba

Technologies Proficient In

Organizations worked with

Rapid Return on Investment

With every engagement, the implementation plan take into consideration the tools that are readily avaiable with the organization to help change without a cost overhead, also where possible robust VBA solutions are proposed which brings down the implementation cost and thereby helps organizations save. 

All automations done are backed up with a full year of warranty against any defects.

Lean Target Operating Model

Over the multitude of consulting engagements that i have had with my employers, i have been able to provide every one of them with a streamlined target operating model that ensured low implementation cost, reduced error rates and optimal use of available employees to exceed (if not meet) the existing operational levels. A combination of lean, capacity management and automation was used to arrive at the desired end state. (Details available on request)


Minimum Efficiency Generated

Professional Certifications

My Mission is to Help Organizations Be Effectively Efficient.

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